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This petition is being joined with, A Movie about the life of Prince Nuada. For the consideration of Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola for a continuing story and/or possible movie based on Prince Nuada (portrayed by Luke Goss) and the magical world created in the movie Hellboy II The Golden Army.

If you would like to support A Movie about the life of Prince Nuada please sign the petition at nuada petition

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 This list represents only a few of the "signatures" . It's up to 3576 as of April 4, 2014. Click on the "Nuada Petition" link above for a look at the full list or to show your support for Nuada. You can also take a fun tour of the HRE website for beautiful Nuada artwork, Hellboy/Prince Nuada  games, interviews, memorabilia, etc.


When I saw the movie for the first time, I was shocked when the twins died. I thought then that a great opportunity was missed to present an interesting and moving story. While I found the movie fun, it was nothing more than a cartoon basically. The only thing that gave it substance was the whole Nuada/Nuala piece and their civilization. Bring them back!

Fanny M. ,
Hes one of the best characters ever! There are so many things to tell about him..

Suzy A. ,
Please make the movie! There wasn t nearly enough of Nuada in the HB2 movie!

Kamile. ,
Please do this! It would be great to see the behind story of this character

Danielle F. ,
This is an amazing idea. If pursued it would not only satisfy many fangirls but would keep a very cool character alive. There are so many possibilities for a movie like this (and I could go on forever) but mainly I just want more Nuada. (And Luke Goss) ^_^ Make Nuada live!!

Anne ,
Nuada was the only reason for me to watch Hellboy 2. I would love to see a movie about Nuadas life!

K, Kilmury ,
Would love to see a story based around Prince Nuada absolutely! A fascinating character for sure!

Alexa T.,
It would be nice I mean I would watch it

Anne R. ,
...this would be so EPIC

Jessica M. ,
We need more Nuada! He s an amazing character and we wanna know more about him!

Jontonian ,
I love this character so much. The one movie with him just isn t enough. I will not feel complete. Such an awesome character. So much you could do with him and his story. We believe!!!

Eleanor M. ,
It would be very smart to bring him back!!

Brearne E. ,
a movie graphic novel animated film...anything would be amazing!

Rachel E. ,
Its been 20 years since a movie villian of this caliber and quality walked onto the screen. From the moment I saw prince nuadas performance I was surpriced and impressed. The mix of compassion and power in the chrachter makes him absolutely stunning he deserves to have his story told.

rachel d. ,
pleas make this movie he needs more of a story line!

Emily ,
great idea!

Ashley M. ,

Manda ,
Please make the prince s private life! Say yes to nuada. Shoot the best scene when he dueling with his spear. XD

Lion J,
I am an absolute fan of the character Prince Nuada and would be very interested by a movie about him!


Charlene G. ,
Thought the character was terrifically written and played; it was sad to him and his sister both go. Would be awesome to see them again!

Jami ,
This would be awesome if they made another movie.

A. Van Zandt ,
Please do this Not only the girls will love it for men who need a good example of how a man should be...Nuada is brilliant.

Angela ,
Although thinking it over rationally it will be in vain anyway I could never forgive myself not signing this petition. Hope dies last... ;-)

Nicole S. ,
You struck gold with this character.

Amanda P. ,
I agree wholeheartedly. The character has the potential for much more than just what we have seen in The Golden Army.

Luna ,
Please Mr. Del Toro bring our Prince back! Nuada is such a compelling and powerful character-- tragic and beautiful. Please tell his story and the histories of all the magical have tempted us with such a delicious fantasy world! Please return Prince Nuada to us in a "prequel"...

Stesha L. ,
I vow to watch the movie in theater at least 5 times and thereafter to acquire the dvd (surely for a movie about Nuada I would do at least as much as I did for Hellboy II !!!)

Julie ,
It s a great idea! Please think about it!

Irina ,
Return Nuada!!!

Freyalyn C.-H. ,
I d watch it more than once in the cinema.

Frenchie R. ,
Prince Nuada was so complex a character. Who WOULDN T want to know more about him?!

Anna D. ,
It would be marvelous if done:)

Lodi F ,
It would be great :D

sira ,
I love the prince nuada

Sibia ,
I would totally go see a movie about Prince Nuada!!!

Carrie-Ann F. ,
Nuada is such a powerful character he deserves his own story.

Matt A. ,
Fantastic Idea.

Nataliya ,
Prince Nuada is an archetypical hero. Must be acted and seen.

Madison M. ,

Kara ,

Ioana_n. ,
A movie about this brave warrior...

Juliana ,
Dream Lover Dark Brother )

LiLi ,
Prince Nuada definitely deserves his own movie there s a huge story behind him.

Olga K. ,
Russian fans also strongly support the idea

Tracy S ,
It would be amazing!

Rebecca J. ,
Please make a movie about Prince Nuada! That would be so wonderful!

Divona ,
I want him and this movie!

Nevan ,

Gwenfarr R. ,
Nuada was an exceptional character. PLEASE bring him back!

Nancy ,
I d love to see the character in another movie. I m a huge Del Toro fan.

Caitlin C. ,
The audience had practically no understanding of where Nuada came from nor why he despises humans so much! Please please please give him his own movie and make us spellbound!

Alejandra ,
Of course I would love to see a movie with the amazing Prince Nuada played of course by the amazing Luke Goss!!

Samantha M. S. ,
I think more of his life should be told.

Elizabeth ,
Sounds like a great idea.

Megan O. ,
Hell yea he should be made into a movie! For all the fangirls pleeeeeeease!

Mark G. ,
He was an exceptional character and I would love to see more from him.

Carolina A. ,
Prince Nuada is a strong character to just let fade away.

Abigail F. ,
more of the elven prince please.

Sab ,
Please make a real good film about Prince Nuada

Natalia ,
Nuada is perfectly Evil

Stephanie ,
I would be really looking foward for a movie with Prince Nuada as the MAIN character!!

daniela kaffai ,
nuada rockxx i want to see a movie about him

pollux ,
This personage fascin me

Morghan-Leigh P. ,
Nuada for the Win

Eli ,
Don t waste this beautiful character! Give him a movie :D

Mark ,
yes - do it!

Jeani M,
Prince Nuada should have his own story he s a complete tragic hero.

Chiana ,
Gillermo del Toro Luke Goss and Mike Mignola have created a wonderful character it would be amazing to see another story.

Anna ,
Totally agree.

Crystal ,
I already signed it and I wanted to sign it again! Hopefully you will make the movie of Prince Nuada and his life. It would be amazing and would make many fans and people who are interested very happy! I would personal love to act in the movie

Carles ,
We want a movie about Nuada!!!!

Vicki ,
Too powerful and great of a character to go to waste! Could easily carry an entire plot line.

nicole ,
prince nuada is an interesting character. not like traditional "bad guys" that you see. he has passion purpose suffers greatly. I d love to see more about his character.

Nissa S. ,
I would love to see a movie about Prince Nuada.

Ana F. ,

K.C. B. ,
Yes please...there is a lot left to explain.

Raven M. ,
Please make the movie!prince Nuada was SOOOOOOOO AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti M. ,
I saw Hellboy II 6 times because of Prince Nuada and Luke Goss s portrayal. There is much that the character could have done during the time he was gone.

Cindy R. ,
One of best characters ever!

Donald L. ,
Please do this. Nuada is amazing.

Mira V. ,
More Prince Nuada!

Caren H. ,
We would love to see a movie like that!

Alanna C. ,
After watching Hellboy II (huge fan of the Hellboy movies by the way) I am left with so many questions about Nuada. His story seems a sad one and his actions though violent and over-the-top were somewhat justified. What did he do in exile all those years? Where did his scars come from (I am sure in battle bu you know what I mean). If you don t make a movie I ask that you at least write a book!

margaret F.,
It would be great to see this movie!

Prevot L. ,

savannah marie b. ,
This character is just so beautiful you must make a movie about him.

Melanie D. ,
Please make a movie about Prince Nuada. He is one of the best characters the world has ever seen.

Maeve M. ,
Prince Nuada is an exceptional character and I m sure many others would love to see a movie about him. There is so mush that could be put in a movie. There is no way it could fail.

Cecilia ,
Pretty please? :)

Harmony B. ,
If the movie were created it would definitely give Guillermo more to work with when it comes to Prince Nuada; after all he is a very complex character that deserves his story completely unfolded. Many people would enjoy watching the movie and seeing another new world created by Guillermo. I myself would thoroughly enjoy seeing a more in-depth look into Prince Nuadas life to see how he changed from a child and into the man he became.

Gai S (Chicky) ,
Luke s Prince Nuada deserves to have a movie of his own.

Victor ,
He could have a very interesting life story.

Dawn S. ,
Bring him Back!!!

Anja H. ,
Luke Goss rocks as prince Nuada!

Sophie ,
PLEASE PLEASE LET US HAVE Prince Nuada s Life STORY ! He is so Amazing !

Alice ,
When I watched Hellboy2 I was so amazed and impressed by PRINCE NUADA I thought he was so Beautiful and Powerful he had so much passion in his heart that gave him this strength to fight for his cause... !!!! and I cried when I saw him diying !!!!! It was unfair !!!! HE IS MY SWEET HERO And I wish that he could have told us more about the Magical creatures who I really feel closed too.... It is unfair that he Had to die !!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE BRING MY HERO BACK !!!!! IT WILL BE GREAT TO HAVE THE STORY OF HIS LIFE ! HE HAS TOO MUCH TO TELL US !!!!! !!! PLEASE BRING HIM BACKKKKKKKK TO US !!!!!!!!!!!!! PS : I have made some research and I have found out that he is coming from Celtic Mythology ! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK TO ME !!!!!! .I LOVE HIM SO MUCH !!!!

Martyna K. ,
Yes! I would like to see this movie so much so please make it!

Kaze ,
I really would like to see a movie about Prince Nuada. He s an amazing character.

Daniela Alexandra R. M. ,
really think about it...

Vanaheim ,
Nuada Nuada !!!

Cheryl S. B., RN ,
A movie about the Sons of the Earth would be awesome! Please consider it! Bring back Prince Nuada Princess Nuala and King Balor!!!

Melanie ,
It would be one of the best movies ever made!! ^.^

Natasha ,
I love Nuada. It would be an amazingly great movie!!!

Maeve ,
It must be made!! It would totally kick butt!!! ^^

Leandro ,

Rebecca C.,
Yeah this guy s definitely got a deep background. An epic movie is in demand.

Fanny ,
such a character deserves a movie. Period.

Robin C. ,
I would love to see a movie made about this character. He became a quick fan favorite and we want to know more about him.

lostdollies ,
...but please make him less emo!

Terry S.,
great character

B. S. ,
He s such a great character we need more of him!

Maddie M. ,

Aleksandra K. ,
Dlaczego odmawia sobie dobrej zabawy? :)

Paul ,
To be honest Prince Nuada was more intresting for me as inner conflicting person with his own lifegoals and life drama than Hellboy himself. He seems better deweloped and much more realistic . And of course I ll be glad to see a new film with him (especialy as a main character).

Rita A. ,
Really one of the best caracters ever created!!!

Marcelo A. ,
Nuada kicks ass!!!!!!!

Sara F. ,
i want this movie ... NOW xD

Ward-uz-Z. ,
Nuada I am coming to you :)

Kendra ,
It would be interesting to know the story behind Nuada.

Virgil N. ,

Joanna ,
Prince Nuada stole the Hellboy2. I was more captivated by this character than by any of the good guys. I would love to see more of him!

Stephanie ,
i would really like a movie about Price Nuada

Drew B. ,
HB II Touched on complex and interesting storylines with this character I would like to see it continue.

Monica M. ,
Pretty Please?

Kit ,
Luke Goss RULEZ!

geraldine h. ,
pleaaaaaaaaaaaase ...

Jex Xxx ,
Nuada is a wonderful character and deserves a film about his life.

Verity ,
And while you re at it fancy doing a Nomak film as well?? :D

Myli W. ,
Please consider this. We love Nuada and also would love to see more.

Ian B. ,
Any new movie in the hellbo universe is fine by me.

Anabel C. ,
I would just LOVE another movie with Nuada

Christi ,
please please please. There s so much that can be told about him that I want to know.

Louis T ,
I walked into the cinema to see Hellboy came out not caring about Big Red and wanting to see more of Nuada.

camila m. ,
please i want to see nuada again

Thiago M. de V. S. ,
Plz make this movie!

Abbey ,
who the hell wouldn t want a movie based on Nuada

Valerio ,
Sarebbe meraviglioso... davvero meraviglioso! Ma deve esserci Del Toro al timone...

H.D. O. ,
The story Saving Nuada sent me!

Lucinda ,
I saw Hellboy 2 three times in theaters the later two because my friends and I could not watch Nuada enough. A movie about him would make my millenium ^_^

Rose ,
Myself and my friends would also like to see Nuada s story continued.

Jeremy ,
Bring Nuada back! story Saving Nuada sent me!

Margareta ,
A movie about a fearless prince...

Brianna T. W. ,
Holy Sheiza! I do wish that this might come to be There s is just something about his character that demands more of a backstory. Ah I can t wait!

Stephanie T.,
I would love to see this happen!

Reinamarie ,
Really adore him do consider our request to bring Prince Nuada back. we will wholely support!

Jillian ,
The awesome "Saving Nuada" story sent me! Without a doubt this character would make a great and interesting film.

Stacy H. ,
The Prince Nuada character has many layers to it even in the brevity of the Hellboy 2 parts and I think he deserves his own movie.

David C. ,
I could watch 2 hours of him doing sword and spear pratice alone what a great character! I would love to see more perhaps a prequal on the first war between the humans and wraiths?

michele c. ,
Bring back Prince Nuada he was such an awsome character

Bine G. ,
thanks al lot!

Tatchiana D. ,
This is a wonderful idea his character is so complex. Please don t let him fade like his elven kin! ...Hey 400th signature!

Nadia S.,
Prince Nuada s ideals really got me thinking about the world we live in today and damage that we have done to this planet and can t help but agree with him. Prince Nuada is such a strong character that I would love to see any more movies or stories based completely on him.

Rose ,
I was saying the exact same thing only a few days ago. Nuada needs more screentime not just because he s awesome but because his story needs to be told. The Golden Army didn t even touch the surface.

Mary ,

Angela S. ,
he was the only good thing about hellboy 2!!!

Ceara ,
Nuada rocks

yuli m. m. ,
me encantaria saber mas sobre Nuada y su mundo.

Bernadette F. ,
Outstanding acting and character performance

Palawan ,
Please make Prince Nuada movie I beg you....I really fond of this character.

Alexandra G. ,
Please please I would love to see more.

Mel ,
This movie would be one of the best in history. And the reason for that is you could do so much about him. You could make the movie so interesting. It would be a masterpiece! ^^

Gwen ,
i think we didnt see enough of nuada!

hazel ,
Yeah that would be AWESOME!

Lisa L. ,

Tyler C.,
I am 100% for this!!!!

the prince Nuada has a very powerful and rich personalty.It would be very interesting its life in a film specialy conceived for his character.

midiana ,
the fascinating character powerful and dark would have to be interesting to known his life more there details.Please a new movie of the prince Nuada.THANKS!!!

Ashley ,
Please Please Please!!!

Meghan H. ,

Laurie B ,
I agree with so many other fans that have signed this petition. I would Absolutely Love to see Luke Goss return to the screen as Prince Nuada. He was a very tragic character with reason for what he did that went unheard. And I would Love to hear his story because there is a great on to tell.

David E. A. ,
Please bring back Mr. Wink too!

Peter M. ,
Get it done.

Shelby E. ,
please do this. I love Luke and Nuada and it would make me very happy if this went through as it would make many others happy too.

maryposa ,
nuada is the best he needs his own bloody movie!!!

Aaron j. ,
Awesome character show stealer.

Markayla D. ,
im sooo for this! i would love this movie but hopefully there will also be another hellboy movie becuz i am such a hellboy freak! thanks so much for the opportunity to listen to the fans.

Kayla D.,
yay!! prince nuada rocks!!

Maggie H. ,
It could be great !

Jeremy H. ,
You can make the dream true guys !!

Amy Z. ,
This was a brilliant character. A villian that isn t evil. I own this movie because I can t get enough of Prince Nuada. Give him his own movie...there are fans out there waiting.

Luisa J. ,
Nuada s an interesting character with a great life story

Brenda ,
This character is worth exploring.

Lara D. ,
Being the tragic dark hero that Prince Nuada is there must be a movie about him that goes into the war how he met Wink and so on.

Ryan B.,
Nuada is hands down my favorite character in any movie for 2008. His complexity and intensity are awesome.

alexandra ,
although a battle scene from the war would be appreciated please continue nuada s story past hellboy 2 don t kill such an amazing character.he so unique.

Melissa J. H. ,

Tim ,
Nuada with Luke Goss set new standards. Do not let the spark fade! So many people are quite fascinated and inspired.

jermain La F. ,
This would be the best movie ever His silverlance skills are amazing

Karine F. S. ,

Marten ,
at last an elf worthy to be part of that race. Give him the depth he deserves.

Keegan A. ,
There s still so much more to learn about Nuada!

Ashley B. ,
Nuada is pure genius best villain ever

Jacqueline K. ,
Prince Nuada is a wonderful character that has a back story just waiting to be told. Though the thought of this project may not be possible now I would like to ask that this character not just fade away like this without us really getting to know him and what his true motivation is. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Brielle B. ,
I love him so much and it was such a huge shame that you killed him off!

Mandy ,
what could it hurt?

sarahndra ,
My friend and I ADORE HIs Royal Highness Prince Nuada!!!!

Kriston Z. ,
Twincest!! :D

Dennis J. ,
He died in the movie so my idea was the angel of dead brings him back to earth because hellboy should have died aswell if it wasnt for the angel of dead

Nuada D. ,
it will be interesting to see prince Nuada again!

Karolina ,
Pretty please with sugar on top. Mr Del Toro i bow to you. Luke Goss you`re talented and beautiful. You`ve stolen my heart blown my mind and you`re my favorite villain of all time

alicia c. ,
please do it im sure id love it

Amiya ,
I think they should bring him back in the 3rd film too with his sister and he should end up giving his life or something so he can save her and some small part of his earth? I thought that d be alright... btw nuada is awesome. xD

Velenery ,
Nuada was the best! You can t just let him die!

Al ,
Okay the Joker was great but no offense Heath Ledger Nuada was my favourite. :)

Dave B. ,
I agree that Luke Goss should be given the title roll in a film about the life of Nuada .

Wrayth D. ,
am definately interested in this!

oana , would be an excelent movie.....with an excelent & misterious character...public wonn t need anything else 2 love the movie

Marta S. ,
Please do not let him go like that. Nuada Has a story to tell. Allow him to. Thank you.

Sethos L. ,
would love to see that!

Daniel S. R. ,
I would love to see more from this very interesting character.

Dan M.,
Do it!!!

Lena ,
An amazing character a movie about his life would be well worth the time :)

Lissie ,
It would be great if you could make this movie!!

criss ,
I would love a movie about him /his life

Ana ,
Thank you came here from "Saving Nuada" at

Jett S. ,
Would def see this movie were it made.

Justis M. ,
Please consider this movie.

Rebecca d. ,
He is the most powerful character yet something fragile and beautiful is displayed there... he needs to come back for more!!!

Sean M.,
you cant have such a fantastic charecter only be in one film.

sirnuada ,
I love the prince

nuala ,
Great ideea

Chiara ,
He is such a complex and moving character he deserves a film!

Gwen H. ,
Consider also casting Luke Goss as Thranduil for upcoming Hobbit. [ answer: Luke's face is not stern enough to portrait Thranduil. Even as Xerxes he looked sweet, even when he got angry. Also his performance as the Frankenstein creature was touching. His face would have be completely covered with makeup, like Nuada (remember him?), or
Jared Nomak, to make him a Thranduil character. Even though Thranduil produced Legolas, he was not a sweet, touching or heartwarming king. Come to think of it, Legolas was not so sweet...he was a totally intimidating warrior.]

ani p.,
really hoping for more prince nuada and his world which only guillermo del toro can create

Kinga ,
We want Nuada ;)

Candee ,

Vanelia T. ,
Please only you can make this a reality!!!!!

Cristian Nicolas E. G. O.,
sin prisa sin pausa sin piedad.

Iva K. ,
Prince Nuada is a very powerful character and has a lot of potential for further development. Please consider telling his story.

Asha M. ,
This petition is a wonderful idea

Neven S. ,
kao da bi me itko razumio

Ewelina ,
It s a great idea to make a movie about Prince Nuada. I really hope that I will have a chance to see it soon.

Kiran K. ,
loved the character in hell boy 2 wish i could see some more..

Jacquelyn W. ,
Prince Nuada is a character of obvious depth and mystery. To have a movie bout his life while living with the elves or while in exile would be fascinating just to see how he became the person he is and what he went through during those untold years of his life.

Eskirge ,
Yes please i iwant a movie about life of prince nuada *_*

mash ,
:) plz plz!

B., Ruby Red ,
HELLBOY II - Character Prince Nuada played by talented Actor Luke Goss was just phenonmanel & action packed and would love to see him portray this complex person again again & again! Awesome movie.

Rebekah R. ,
I approve of this petition. :)

Dena J. T. ,
Luke Goss did a very good job of Nuada in the movie and I for one would very much like to see more back history of Nuada and Nuala.

Heretus L b. ,
naubol shlu ta quanth l resk afar wun l rarr d rivvin jhal ori gato l luth ol d l qu ess xo al

miriam ,
yay prince nuada rocks i love him

Sasha ,
This wud be coool! as LOnG as Guillermo tel doro directed or it could go wrong

corey ,
bring him back hes kl

Jana ,
Prince Nuada is one of my favorite characters of all time. I personally think it s a brilliant idea to make a movie about his life. I strongly support this. Thank You.

Nath ,
It s the best idea ever! Can t wait to see it:))

Alex P. (Whitewingtip) ,
Nuada is an awesome character which has probably been said a lot of time already but thought I d just restate the facts. After he died well to tell you the truth I had a "pity Party" with some of my friends and watched a small hellboy marathon to kind of make peace with our feels of loss for this hot blonde dark elf that we only knew for one movie. Please consider the fans.

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