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To prevent misunderstandings, I do NOT sell from my own store or any other.



The sekeres pictured at the bottom of the page that have been sold, can be made again. Use these sekere photos as a guide when designing your custom sekere.

The pictures will change from time to time or more pictures will be added. We are happy to make color changes, material changes or changes of size and gourd shapes other than the ones pictured. We try very hard to match gourd shapes and sizes. If you have an idea or if you see a design that you would like us to make, although we DO NOT make exact copies of other artists' sekeres, just contact us at "" to make your request or to ask questions.

We try to present pictures of designs that are distinctly different. The designs might be similar, but sometimes the materials or the gourds are different. Remember to click on the thumbnails to see a larger view.

The cost of a sekere depends on the size of the gourd and from which farm it was acquired. Certain gourds with custom characteristics can be VERY expensive. Gourd farms that do NOT provide special services to customers will sell gourds for less.

Certain types of beads and other materials used to make the “skirt” - plastic, glass, cowry shells, wood, metal - will determine the price. The beading style - instrument can be heavily or sparsely beaded - will be a factor. Prices start at $10 for a small and simple instrument. They can go as high as $350+ for a large instrument with elaborate design and luxury materials like "Preciosa" or "Swarovski" cut crystal, or "Chinese Lamp Beads". Some of these start at $2 per bead. Photos are provided to help customers create their own sekere(s) and give approximate prices.


The instrument as it was being made, and the logo burned into its neck. The beads are made of 6mm (very small) glass.

The instrument pictured above has been stolen. It was last seen in Florida (USA). Anyone who sees this instrument, is asked to contact us at SEKERE.COM with information of its whereabouts. SEKERE.COM  will make a professional, custom-made sekere FREE (including shipping to anywhere in the world) for the person who helps to bring this instrument home unharmed.






Many Questions Are Answered At:  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

"How To Play Sekere", Volume 2 is Available Now




SIZE: 30" Around x 13" Tall



PRICE: $95

plus shipping


SIZE: 19" Around x 8" Tall


PRICE: $35

plus shipping


SIZE: 18" Around x 8" Tall


PRICE: $30

plus shipping


SIZE: 18" Around x 8" Tall


PRICE: $20

plus shipping


SIZE: 13: Around x 7" Tall


PRICE: $30

plus shipping


Size: 13" tall and measures 26" around.

6mm GLASS roller and tile beads in Black, White, Gold, Transparent Green, Transparent Cobalt Blue and Aurora Borealis.

PRICE: $85

plus shipping


SIZE: 9" tall and measures 19" around.


PRICE: $35

plus shipping


SIZE: 12" tall and measures 31" around.


PRICE: $75

plus shipping

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To prevent misunderstandings, I do NOT sell from my own store or any other.


These tiny sekeres have real bead voices and can be either worn around the neck or hung from a rear view mirror. They are all available now.


Standing 2-1/2" tall, 6-1/2" around. Gourd can be dyed and polyurethaned. Red nylon neck strap 16" long. Bead voice only. $25 plus shipping


Standing 2" tall, 6-1/2" around. Gourd can be dyed and polyurethaned. Glass seed beads. White nylon neck strap 16" long. Bead voice only. $25 plus shipping


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What Customers Say About Our Sekeres (from emails exactly as received)

Hi Sara,

Tho, for selfish reasons, I am sorry you are back in Philly, I am glad that you are in the place you consider home! I will pass on the info to my friend about contacting you for a customized sekere. Ditto for everyone who drools over my sekere (I don't let them do it literally). 
I have been going to a weekly workshop with Madeleine Yayodele Nelson (she started Women of the Calabash) and she remarks on my instrument just about every week. "This is a gorgeous instrument!" or "This is a true work of love--do you know how much work went into that beadwork?" and so on. She convinced me to let her lightly seal the inside and it sounds even better than before--the bass tone kind of hangs in the air. If you remember, I had written asking you about sealing it and you had told me the various pros and cons and how to do it (but I was a chicken).
I've also taken some classes with Kevin Nathaniel Hylton and he always remarks on what a fantastic gourd it is and how beautiful the beadwork is. Likewise, everyone in the classes notices it and if they get a chance to play it, they are thrilled with how light it is and how easy it is to get a nice resonant bass. In summary, whenever I take that gourd out of my bag, the eyes of all sekere players around me simply light up. Thank you so much for making this wonderful instrument!
Well, you did say you enjoyed the compliments, so why not give you a fuller version? My friends and I haven't been playing together as much these days. .life has gotten in the way . . .but the larger sekere you made for Anna is just splendid and, if you remember, she also bought a small and kind of heavy (for its size) gourd that has a terrific feel and sound. You've got a talent for making sekeres, so I am glad you are still busy with it. I hope I have not gone on here too much! (Got carried away!)
All best,
Iris in NYC

Hi Sara,
My client picked up the sekere a couple of days ago and he is very pleased with it. Thank you very much for all of efforts.
It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

Sincerely, M.R. in Givatayim, Israel



Hello SARA!! I recieved Xmas gift just now. It sounds great!! I will recommend your good work to my friends ,too!
Thankyou very much!!
Yanagawa from

Hi Sara!

The Sekere arrived today --- it is absolutely beautiful!! In tone and style. Thank you so much! I appreciate the extra touch of placing some burn detail around the mouth of the instrument. This was very kind of you. This Sunday we have a group playing at the church … so this Sekere will get put to use right away!
Gary from Rhode Island

hi sara
received my sekere early this evening. absolutely loved it. turned out better than i envisioned. the burn detail is awesome. definitely worth the wait. will do business again.
Jorge from NY

Hi Sara,
just got our beautiful shakers and we're thrilled but have a musical resonance issue with the shekere for Elegua...the gourd is thicker than the others and lacks the drum sound that we hear from the other two. I would like to exchange that and would be amenable to paying any shipping costs...please advise. THANK YOU
Dennis from California said:
Glad you liked most of them. You may return the Elegba, but the exchange will have to wait for a new gourd delivery. I do not have anymore of that size and shape.
Dennis said:
thank you,you're very nice and I'll send it in a couple of days.....
[Sara]I missed the UPS man yesterday, caught up with my shereke today. It is beautiful. I am going to look real good while learning.
Thank you, Vera
Sara, I received the sekere today. Looks and sounds great, thank you.
Sara, it just arrived. Thank you so much, it's simply stunning and sounds great! The Indian bells are a great touch! Very quick delivery too. It would have arrived sooner but was opened and inspected by our Quarantine.
Drew from Australia
I recieved the sekere. It is beautiful. Thank you.
Grace from Georgia, USA
Hi Sarah,
It is fine. I just logged on to tell you that my friend brought the sekere to me a few minutes ago. It is beautiful and has a nice sound. I am very satisfied.
Yolanda from North Carolina
Greetings. I ordered sekere from you previously (#S002), which is a remarkable instrument... the best I've ever played. I want to order another for a friend
Dawoud from USA
Dear Sara, I recieved the shekere and it sounds and looks great. Thank you.
Ron from Illinois

I absoutley love it. It looks as good as it sounds. The way the light plays on the beads is amazing. Looks like crackling lightning!  Really can't wait to get it on stage. I'm very proud to own this shakere. Thanks again.
Vincent from Staten Island, USA

From NRH in Virginia


Sara: My beautiful shekere came today, and I'm so in love with it!  The sound is exactly what I wanted, thank you so much for your time and suggestions in the ordering process.  The voice is subtle and rich, and the shells add a surprising layer of texture when the tempo heats up.  And your design matches the proportions of the calabash perfectly.  Many, many thanks for your artistry and attention to detail, sista!!
Laura from Maryland

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A very large sekere with elongated belly, 32" around, made with clear 9mm pony beads. The white beads are pearlized, the small diamond shapes are filled in with red transparent beads and the large diamond shapes are outlined with opaque red beads. The string is strong nylon. $165; in squat bellied shape, $90 plus shipping


This is a modified Axatse, made with 9mm wooden beads, 6mm glass beads, wooden rice beads and cowry shells. Black nylon and waxed linen string. 10" long, 20" around. $45 plus shipping


This sekere, 27" around, was made with white, aqua, purple and white 9mm beads. The "waistband" is a shiny purple cord. $85 as shown; with squat belly, $75 plus shipping


This is a 32" around sekere with 6mm glass tile beads. It has a quieter "voice" than the usual 9mm plastic beads. Also expect it to be a little heavier. See our "Sekere Tips" page to read a 6mm glass bead testimonial. This sekere is being sold for $125 in this general shape. With elongated belly (will be VERY heavy in glass), $145 plus shipping


Owned by Women's Sekere Ensemble. Large sekere-elongated, 30" around. Recently had a request for one just like it except the beige beads were blue. Interesting color combination. $95 for this shape; $75 for squat shape. plus shipping


It is made with thin but strong black nylon twine. Its beads are yellow, white, dark blue and red opaque 9mm plastic pony beads. It stands 17" tall and is 31" around the belly. You can have one made like it for $125; squat belly, $90 plus shipping


This one is 29" around and stands 12" tall. The beads are 9mm plastic in tangerine, yellow, black matte and glo in the dark. It has intense bead volume and the gourd's tone has excellent reverb. $80 plus shipping


I tried every light and camera angle to show the shimmer in the light green beads, but no luck. The beads are transparent green and the sparkles look like green metallic dust. This might be the last time I find these. The dark green beads are marbled and the white ones are pearlized. The elongated belly is 27" around. $95; squat shape, $80 plus shipping


This earth tone skirt has transparent root beer beads, opaque beads in beige, tan and burgundy. All are 9mm. 26" around, 12" tall, $75; elongated, $95 plus shipping


This little one is 10" tall, 25-1/2" around. The beads are 6mm plastic mini opaques. Perfect to accompany poetry readings, guided meditations. $50; elongated (see sample), $65 plus shipping


Elongated belly with Wee Beads


This small sekere-26" circumference, 11" tall-is made with opaque orange, pink and white 9mm plastic beads. Twine is yellow nylon. As always, will polyurethane at no extra charge. $25; elongated, $35 plus shipping


This one is 12" tall and is 30" around. Turquoise beads are opaque. Purple beads are a mix of transparents and iridescent transparents, $85; elongated, $100 plus shipping


Her belly is 36" around. Transparent beads are tangerine, white beads are iridescent, crystal beads have silver sparkles. All beads are 9mm plastic pony beads. With these materials-$145 plus shipping


The gourd might be a one of a kind shape, but is considered large. Of course prices change with size and materials. All the beads are 9mm opaque plastic with cowry shells. This one stands 16" tall, with an elongated belly 29" around, $115; squat belly, $95 plus shipping


This measures 25" around, 14" tall This shape usually has a deep bass gourd tone and great reverb. The beads are 6mm, glass pony beads. The beads are smaller and more numerous than 9mm beads, and impact with the gourd more uniformally creating a more lush, fullbodied, round sound with little encouragement and is not intimidated by djembe, djunjun or conga. The volume is AMAZING! The beads catch the light and make the "skirt" POP! Strap included. $150 plus shipping


Made to be noticed with brite orange, yellow, red 9mm beads (totally NOT frightening). Very deep bass with good reverb. Burn detail at the neck. Comes with braided nylon wrist strap (not shown). It measures 30" around, stands 13" tall. $85 shipping not included. Please email your location for total.



This very small sekere - beaded natural gourd hand drum - is 9" tall and 19" around the belly. Her beads are 6mm plastic pony shapes. The "beaded skirt" is adjustable for various playing volumes. She is dedicated to the struggle against breast cancer. $30 plus shipping


Osun for Jaola. Character detail, "J".


Osun for Jaola. Sunsign Leo symbol.


Cabio sile Sango! A vessel for Mario.


Made with 9mm plastic pony beads in white pearl, green sparkles, and day glo.


This is made with 9mm plastic pony beads. It stands 13" tall and is 27" around the belly. The reverb is great, and is the bead voice. Gourd tone is medium high. $70 plus shipping


Cowry shells and Glass beads.

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We're going to need your zip code or postal code to calculate shipping


1. Browse the sekeres above to see if there is anything you like OR any examples you want to use for a custom instrument.

2.  When you contact us with your request, REMEMBER for a grand total, include your zip code in the email. If outside the USA, please include your country, city and/or postal code when asking for a grand total.

3. We will answer any questions, discuss availability of materials and other issues if any.

4. You may pay with a check, money order, PayPal (whether you have an account or not).




We begin work on orders immediately upon receipt of payment.

If the customer wishes to upgrade or downgrade an order (larger/smaller gourd, costlier/less costly materials, etc.), the upgrade/downgrade will be accommodated. However, there is a 24 hour deadline to inform us of the change. We will begin an upgrade upon receipt of balance of adjusted price. Downgrade refund will accompany delivery of finished sekere.


SEKERES: Orders are made by email, making it often impossible to produce the exact instrument the customer may envision.  We will make every effort to match the customer's requirements as exactly as possible. REMEMBER: We do not fashion gourds, nature does. We will make every effort to provide the requested gourd with the customer's specifications. If the resulting instrument is inconsistent with the customer's instructions in the extreme, we will return the cost of the instrument. Collateral charges (postage, credit card fee, etc.) are non-refundable. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Instrument MUST be returned within two (2) days of receipt and in the packaging and condition in which it was received. No refunds for instruments returned damaged.


To provide customers with the best delivery service, all packages big or small are shipped via USPS unless otherwise requested. A signature is required upon arrival at its destination, all shipments will be tracked, and insured. If the customer chooses not to take advantage of tracking, signature confirmation or insurance, SEKERE.COM is NOT financially responsible for lost or damaged item(s).


Contact Carrier immediately regarding damaged delivery.


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When paying with a personal check, please allow at least three (3) days for check to clear. Customer is responsible for insufficient fund charges. You may make your payment with a money order also.


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